85º Paris and its founders

The first project I feel compelled to talk about is, without a doubt, the wonderful 85º Paris, where the most amazing Latin American design comes together. This concept store / consulting agency was founded a few years ago by my dear friends Amaya Ducru and Inès Olaechea.

I first met Inès in a fashion fair during fashion week, when I had just arrived to Paris. She talked to me about this project and invited me to have a coffee at her home. We became friends right away. Shortly after, Amaya moved here as well and, as it’s often the case between Mexicans abroad, we became instant friends.

I remember thinking how brave they were for launching this business, because every Latin American who has ever lived in Europe (and likes fashion) has dreamed of doing something of the sort: a place that groups together all of the amazing talent of our continent’s artisans and designers, and showcases it to the European market. We are all proud of what we can do and we can’t wait to show off it to the world. We all dream of this, but not everyone has the courage to start a project of this magnitude. I’ll always admire them for doing so.

Today, 85º Paris not only groups some of the most beautiful creators from Latin America (some of which I’m lucky enough to call my friends), it also provides to the brands wishing to enter the French market with consulting and advice to navigate the intricate local fashion system. Its selection is always evolving and includes only the best design and the highest quality products, in both fashion and decoration. Its e-commerce is accompanied by several pop-ups throughout the year, and its instagram account is for sure one to follow if you, like me, love to dream of summer all year long.

As of a few weeks ago, Inès has left the company to pursue other projects and Amaya has taken the lead. I’m very proud of both of them and the project they have created. I know Amaya will carry 85º to further success. I can’t wait to see what comes next. Love you girls!

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