85º Paris

Gabriela Cambero: The Mexican Editor With A Foot In Both Worlds 85 °

By Isabel Morales

Last week, we sat over coffee with Gabriela Cambero who moved to Paris a year ago as a contributing editor for l’Officiel Mexico and a Market Editor for l’Officiel Paris. She has lived in Mexico City, London and Paris. As an expert on the fashion and the editorial world, we wanted to get an insight into her knowledge of the industry.

So Gaby, why is fashion your passion?

I remember reading my mother’s fashion magazines since I was a child and being astonished. I think it’s the fantasy of the photographs, the beauty of the images. That’s what I like, but not to capture the image, maybe I have too much respect for that and I wouldn’t be good at it; but just be part of the process of creation of it makes me happy.

Read the full interview here: https://85paris.com/blogs/journal/gabriela-camberos-insight-on-the-fashion-and-the-editorial-world

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